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GIVI Bike bags come with the practical RAPIDO fixing system and can be used with all rack frames up to 15 mm in diameter.

All GIVI Bike products can be cleaned with water and mild soap, rinsed with water and then dried with a microfibre cloth. Do not use solvents, pure alcohol or acidic detergents.  Hand wash your bag in warm water using the right amount of soap. Do not dry in the tumble dyer. Do not dry clean. Do not iron.

In terms of the material, this is normal with certain bags. Any frayed threads can be cut off with scissors.

Absolutely, using PVC and PU repair kits, so as to keep it waterproof. We recommend repair kits like the McNett Tenacious Sealing & Repair Tape or the McNett Tenacious Tape Max.

GIVI Bike offers bags that are either waterproof or water repellent. Only bags actually labelled as waterproof are fully so.

Yes, GIVI Bike products are guaranteed for two years, in accordance with current laws.


The maximum load for each bag is 10 kg. Regardless of this, be sure to check the maximum load for the rack, which by law must be stated directly on it. Rack load may vary, and you should not exceed the maximum limit. We suggest that you weigh bags on a scale before beginning your journey and reduce your equipment if needed. This applies to rear wheel and front wheel racks and racks on lowrider bikes, which are fastened to the front wheel fork. You should also bear in mind that using a wheel bag may significantly affect the motion of the wheel itself.

We recommend using a scratch-proof, clear adhesive film that is UV resistant so as to prevent any yellowing

Absolutely. All fabrics exposed to UV rays will fade. GIVI Bike bags are unique because our fabrics, carefully selected by our R&D department, are tested according to standard EN 4892, and discolouration will only occur after continuous sun exposure of between 750 and 1,500 hours. This time frame depends on the type of fabric and the ways in which the bag is used.

We do not recommend this. Leaving accessories attached to the bike while driving is not particularly safe. It also creates more vehicle resistance, meaning that you will use more fuel to reach your destination.

Side bags can store a laptop measuring between 13” and 15”, depending on the bag’s capacity


Here is a link where you can see how to correctly install the GIVI Bike bag.

Absolutely! You can buy the kit directly at www.givi-bike.com


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