As G.Visenzi Motomarket is a 100% transparent company, we’ll explain you all the procedures.

According to the law, you have 10(ten) days to exercise your right of withdrawal from the item receipt. If you decide to return the product, you have to send us the RETURN ORDER form by email at: negozio.tadini@visenzi-motomarket.it

The information must be provided as follows:

  • the part number and the model of the product for which you are exercing your right of withdrawal.
  • The progressive number of the order, of the receipt or invoice issued at the moment of purchase.
  • Your personal data (name, surname, address, phone number, chosen payment method with the relevant credentials).

Procedures to be followed for a correct return of the goods:

  • pack the goods in a proper way with all the accessories and the instruction manual.
  • Place in the pack the credentials needed for the refund, through bank transfer, PayPal, PostePay( no cash on delivery)
  • Note down on the pack in a visible side the following address:

Phone.(+39) 030-3533634

Otherwise print and fill in the following form of withdrawal: Module

Note: home courier collection

If you prefer we can organize with our courier the withdrawal. In this case we can deduct from the refund 10 euros to cover the shipping costs.

In order to pick up the parcel, the courier needs a waybill that we will send you by email to the email address that has been given to us.

It’s important to give to the courier the correct waybill, otherwise shipping costs will be charged to you.

Once we check the integrity of the product, G.Visenzi Motomarket will issue the refund in the same way the payment has been made for the purchase of the product.

The whole integrity of the product and its pack is a mandatory condition in order to exercise the right of withdrawal.