The GIVI-Bike mission, a natural transition.

Rain, mud and wind are elements that are common to everyone who embraces two-wheeled travel. The strong expansion of the electricity market and a growing awareness of sustainable ethics, which the company aspires to, have made this new project a reality. So for GIVI, the dedication to a new line of products intended exclusively for traditional and pedal-assisted bicycles was a natural transition.

With more than forty years of history characterised by innovation, quality and success, today GIVI is an established global point of reference as a leader in motorbike accessories. GIVI-Bike is the new GIVI spa Group brand, which combines its know-how taken from years in the motorbike sector, with an internal company structure able to develop and devise a product from concept to production, and its identity as the most reliable travel companions for every type of cyclist.

Sede Givi Bike


Passion, Italian design, strong technological attitude and in-depth knowledge of materials: these are the building blocks for GIVI’s international success, a road that transformed a small workshop in Brescia into a global point of reference for motorbike accessories.

A consistent commitment, which has led to the introduction of new and highly functional technological solutions, in the attention to detail and the design of objects with the utmost reliability and the recognised “Made in Italy” craftsmanship.