Full speed ahead for GIVI-Bike and Birrificio Curtense.

There is a well-established understanding between beer and the cycling universe, particularly in the Gravel world, a pairing that has existed for years and that represents a “green”, sustainability-conscious spirit. A union that has even led to dedicated events with global resonance.

Birrificio Curtense is a craft brewery developed thanks to the passion and commitment of two young businessmen from Brescia, Matteo and Christian. They produce excellent beers and have won prizes at national and international level, recognised as leading lights in the Franciacorta area.

The collaboration came about during the first GIVI-Bike experience, held on Thursday 14 April. Aimed at trade press and opinion leaders, this incentive event was arranged by GIVI-Bike to coincide with the presentation of the new Adventure bikepacking line.

For this particular event, the brewery, which has a site where visitors can taste the beer together with local delicacies, was turned into a logistical base.

Transported by the passion that the brewery owners transmit, the project came together during the organisational phases, with the idea to create a limited edition, GIVI-Bike branded craft beer to be distributed during the event.

The Schedule

The schedule for the first GIVI-Bike experience was divided into two sessions where participants, split into two groups, were able to alternate between the day’s two activities.

A theory session took place at the GIVI HQ in Flero, in the province of Brescia, during which participants could meet with the designers and R&D team who develop the three bike lines. The other practical session was held at the Birrifico Artigianale Curtense, the beautiful Franciacorta scenery providing the backdrop during the product test, which took place at a track that was specially designed by the Life in Travel collective to simulate all three of the worlds making up our new bicycle universe – Urban, Experience and Adventure.

Definitely an experience to be repeated, and one that clearly confirms the strong bond shared by the world of beer and the cycling universe, leading, as it has in our case, to an original and ideal partnership.