The idea was born several years ago, after a man made a 450 km bicycle trip to visit family on the coast. From that day, it remained a fixed thought in his head. And so it was that 39-year old Luca Guglielmetti, from Lombardy, Italy, with his passion for extreme challenges, whether running, trekking or cycling, presented us with his new project that began in Piazza Duomo, Milan on Thursday 12 May. Attracted by this particular travel project and struck by Luca’s charisma, the GIVI-Bike team decided to accept the challenge and join him on this adventure.


From Milan To Etna is an extended bicycle trip across Italy, a journey of discovery that begins in the capital of Lombardy and continues all the way to the furthest region, Sicily, before coming to an end on foot, at the top of Etna, Europe’s highest volcano. An ambitious trip, tackled with only the power of one’s legs and a real thirst for adventure.

Ten stages in ten days, across nine regions of Italy, from north to south, for a total of 1500 km.


  • 1.500km
  • 9 regions (Lombardy, Emilia Romagna, Marche, Abruzzo, Molise, Apulia, Basilicata, Calabria and Sicily)
  • 10 stages
  • 10 days


For this type of trip, Luca opted for a “hybrid” GIVI-Bike set-up. Two Junter 14-litre Experience Line side bags mounted on the rear rack, a Climb handlebar bag and a Hill Adventure Line frame bag. Thanks to technical partner Ridewill that supplied the bicycle for this trip, we were able to meet with Luca a few weeks before he set off, at their sales outlet in the province of Como. Here, the GIVI-Bike team was able to set up the bicycle with Luca, a ‘dressing ceremony’ so to speak, while also exchanging some technical tips ahead of the trip.

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